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Building a new educational system in Somalia

The german development bank KfW has extended a grant of 13 mio € to the TVET+ project which aims at building a new system for vocabulary and technical education in Somalia. The project is implemented by the norwegian yme foundation, in cooperation with the somali NGO GSA. Green Currency is a central partner in co-funding activities towards existing Somali businesses, diaspora-based networking and cooperation - and general donation + crowdfunding activities.

More info about TVET+ on:

COVID-19 campaign in Galkayo

A cooperation between the regional hospital and Prof Adow TVET center (and supported by NORAD and OCHA) to train 500 health personnel, produce PPE and inform/educate the local population to prevent the spread of Corona virus. Green Currency will ensure financial + non-financial stakeholder investor engagement.

The campaign is ended.


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