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6 996€
Tipping point
34k €

Isimba Community Mill

3 Years | 7 % Interest

903 days left | 20% of target reached

Provide food and income for communities in the maize belt of Uganda

Type Other
Horizon 3 Years
Min Investment 50,00 €
Max investment 2 500,00 €

Masindi has a maizemill factory for milling large volume of maize. The local community consist of farmers that produces small volume of maize and have no chance of milling it themselves. The big factory cannot stop their production to help these farmers with their smaller quantities.

The solution is to build a community mill where the farmers can bring their bags of maize and have it milled. By providing a community mill one increases the value of the crop of the farmers. Maize is a seasonal crop and it is vital to get as much value as possible out of it.

At the mill they can choose which quality they would like: Some like the maize to be milled as is. Others like the first layer of skin to be removed. (This skin is perfect for food for cows). Other would again like skin layer one and two to be removed separately: Layer one for cows, layer two is used as chicken feed. The rest is for human consumption in Ugali: Approx. 65% ends up as maize flour for Ugali, 35% is a resource to be used or poultry or livestock.


Sustainability Profile
The community maizemill directly supports the following SDG's (Sustainable Development Goals) defined by The United Nations Development Programme:


  26249-dsg-hunger.jpg   Zero hunger
The mill ensures the farmers can have their maize cropp milled into flour so that they can make their porridge  - Ugali.
  24469-poverty.jpg   No poverty
Milling of the maize produces 65% maize flour and 35% outher skin which is removed by a huller. The outer skin consist of two fractions: The outher is good for cows or other livestock to increase milk production. The inner layer is good for poultry footer. The farmers can either use it themselves or sell it to generate extra income.


Furthermore it also indirectly supports the following sustainability goals:

  72947-education.jpg   Quality education 
The increased income enables parents to send children to school.
  89726-gender.jpg   Gender equality.
It is the women who get the maize milled and thereby get the income and can ensure it is wisely spent.
  70787-inequality.jpg   Reduce inequality.
Income to the farmers put them higher up in the value-chain.



Crowdfunding project
In order to construct the community mill some investments are needed. This project aims at raising funds for the following:

Intitial investment EUR
- cost of construction of shelter 12000
- cost of machines, installation & staff training 10000
- extension of three phase electricity to shelter and power meter 3000
- contingency 5000
- unexpected costs (15% of total costs) 4500
Total capital needed (EUR) 34500


Economy / payback
Once the full amount has been funded, the money is transfered to the project developer and the work with constructing the mill will begin. The construction phase i expected to last 12 months, after which the mill can go into full-scale production.

Investments are paid back in the following portions:

  • Interest rates (7%) is paid back once pr. year. First payment 12 months after the campaign has successully ended.
  • Original investment is paid back at the end of the final year.

Risk profile
Bla bla


Construction Permit approved

July 11, 2018

Today we received the formal approval of the application to construct the maize mill, from the regional government. This means we are a big step closer to realise the project.

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UNDP mentioned us!

July 11, 2018

There was a story posted about ISIMBA project in the monthly UNDP Africa newsletter. The reason we receive all this attention, is because of the completely new way of attracting foreign investors into community-based projects. the article was very positive and.... etc. etc.

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