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Types of projects

Examples of projects you can invest in, via Green currency

Planning or Construction of Renewable Energy Power Plant
If the project is about starting a new power plant, the money goes into equity that is presented to the bank who then releases the remaining funds to develop the power plant. Typically 30% of the total capital needed is raised through Crowdlending – and the remaining 70% is borrowed through a bank. (Is specified in each project).

The start-up investments (construction) typically give out 5-6% interest rate and have an investment horizon of 4-7 years, after which you will get your initial investment back and can reinvest it into other projects or take it out for your personal use.

Earlier stage projects can seek fundings to do preliminary analysis and reports (an onshore wind farm will for example need to gather wind data on-site, a solar farm analyse weather conditions and decide on types of panels etc). Such preliminary projects are typically short-term (12-24 months) investments with higher interest rate (10-12%) as well as an elevated risk profile.

Expansion of ongoing production (CleanTech & other sustainable businesses)
Some projects are for ongoing businesses who wants to increase production, renew facilities or enter new business areas. These projects are characterised by a low risk profile (as the company has already proved that it generates profit), a longer investment horizon and more moderate interst rates.

Loans to ongoing production typically have an investment horizon of 5-15 years and the interest rate you will receive, is typically 4-6 %.


Other projects
From time to time we also offer other types of projects related to clean energy, energy efficiency or clean-tech. These projects often take place in the developing world and can for example be a desalination plant for a hospital, construction of education buildings aimed at teaching courses with relation to environment and sustainability etc.

These projects are typically short-term projects, with an investment horizon of 1-2 years and the interest rate you will receive is typically 5-8 %.


Interest rates also varies based on the individual projects risk profile. View details of each project for accurate information about interest rates and duration.