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Meet the team

Green currency is run by passionate professionals who are dedicated to find and present high quality, low risk projects to investors. We use crowdfunding as a powerful tool to enable anyone to invest in sustainability anywhere.

Nicolai Løvdal

PhD, International Entrepreneurship within Renewable Energy, NTNU

"I thrive most where innovation, entrepreneurship and internationalization creates real value for society, environment and business. I admire those who combine knowledge with ability to act on it.”

Nicolai has a burning desire to increase business’ role in a more sustainable world and enable others to do the same. Green Currency is designed with these principles in mind.

He is trained as a robotic engineer and as a PhD in international entrepreneurship with a dedicated focus on sustainability and innovation from NTNU, Industrial Economics and Technology Management.

For a more than a decade his domain has been where the need of society and the environment aligns with core business strategy. He has advised start-ups and multi-national companies to help them succeed, he was hired as strategic advisor by the Norwegian Research Council on sustainable breakthrough technologies, and he worked as business advisor on prestigious renewable energy projects in developing countries for the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Besides being co-founder of GC, he is the man behind Green Planet Strategy, a successful business development program distributed by the Norwegian Business Owners Association. Last but not least he is an associated professor at the Centre for Entrepreneurship at University of Oslo.



Thore-Andre Thorsen

Strategic business developer with 18 years experience on Sustainable Development and the opportunities arising from the global environmental challenges. Network and experience to the agricultural, energy and educational sector in Africa. 

Experience and knowldege of implementation and incorporation of sustainable development in business as part of the overall strategy. Broad experience in international project managment especially within education, water management, agriculture, renewable energy, biomass, gas and oil.

Thore-Andre is also CEO in the YME Foundation - a Norwegian humanitarian organization that specializes in the areas of water, sanitation and vocational education.


Morten Bjørnestad

Strategic Advisor within Digital Media (Communication, Branding, Usabilty, Technology)

Specialties: Use of digital medias for information, communication, cooperation and marketing purposes. Project management in projects such as scalable cloud/multi-platform software developments.

Morten works in the cross field between business and technology. Typically including advicing companies and organisations on how to make use of digital technologies to:

  • increase efficiency in internal work-flows + long-distance collaborations
  • increase direct sales + develop new products
  • strengthen online communication with customers, cooperation partners and stake holders

Besides working with Green Currency, Morten is a partner in VOI Communication