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For project owners

Green Currency assist you all the way; from the initial application through financing and to the ongoing relationship with your investors, once the power plant is up and running. 

Certification process
Projects undergo a thorough process to determine that they are viable, all documentation is available - and the investment as safe as can be, for the investor. This process is taken care of by Green Currency experts (occasionally in cooperation with external consultants). Typically an agreement is made with a bank, to lend the project the remaining funds needed, once we have raised the amount agreed. (We typically finance 30% of the total project cost via Green Currency).


When people invest into a project, the money is kept on a secured account with our financial partner. Once the project is fully financed (or has reached its tipping point by the end of the announced financing period) AND the bank has released the remaining capital, the funds raised are released to the project owner.

Once pr year (unless otherwise agreed), the project owner transfers back funds for payment of interest rates to the Green Currency investors. 

By the end of the agreed investment horison, the project owner transfers the original investments back to Green Currency who will distribute them to the investors.

If a project does not meet its tipping point within the agreed financing time limit, all funds are transfered back to the investors.

Interaction: Project owner - Green Currency - Investors
A graphical view of the steps involved in the process: